7th International Circ Meeting



General aspects    
Self-management with elastic material (Compression hosiery, elastic bandages)


June 11, 2015 in Melk/Austria

A. Cavezzi (I): Indications and self-managemet with elastic compression
K. Ochalek (PL):     Self- management in arm-lymphoedema
Z. Navratilova (CZ)  Self-management in lymphedema of the lower extremities
K. Sippel (CH):  Donning aids for compression stockings
JP. Benigni (F):  How can compliance wearing compression hosiery be improved?
B. Eklöf (S)  New electronic help to improve compliance?
Self management with stiff material (Compression bandages and Velcro  band devices)
F. Schingale (D):     Self management in lymphedema of the lower extremities
E. Brouwer, A.Hendrickx (NL) Circaid is a clever alternative
H. Partsch (A):  Quality of self application of Juxtafit compared to application by duction using Juxtafit
a bandaging expert
 Round table
1. Management with compression handled in different countries
2. Who applies compression on my patients? Stockings, bandages, Velcro-devices?
Moderator: B. Eklöf (Sweden)
RUSSIA:                E. Shaydakov
UKRAINE:              L. Chernucka
SLOVAKIA:            P. Samek
CROATIA:             T. Sinozic
ITALY:                   G.Mosti
HUNGARY:            A. Szabo
GERMANY:            HJ. Hermanns
AUSTRIA:              B. Partsch