1st International CIRC Meeting

1st International CIRC Meeting

October 13, 2010

"Compression therapy in chronic oedema"

Chairmen: H. Partsch (Austria) and S. Barlas (Turkey)

Leg Swelling in the general population.
F. Pannier, E. Rabe (Germany)

How is oedema fluid removed from the tissue?
P. Mortimer (United Kingdom)

Clinical differential diagnosis of the swollen leg.
A. Sommer (Netherlands)

What is the optimal compression pressure to reduce oedema?
R. Damstra (Netherlands)

Bandages or stockings? Results with water displacement volumetry and measurement of skin thickness.
G. Mosti (Italy)

Specific problems of compression therapy in lymphoedema.
F. Schingale (Germany)

Results with bioimpedance before and after compression.
A. Cavezzi (Italy)

Comparison of medical compression stockings: mediven ulcer kit vs. mediven forte ccl 3.
G. Szolnoky (Hungary)

Compression hosiery: future aspects.
J.P. Benigni (France)

14th October 2010

"Best practice in venous procedures"

Chairmen: Y. Akcali (Turkey) and E. Rabe (Germany)

Endovenous treatment with diode laser 980 nm and 1,500 nm: Is there any advantage?
S. Stefanov (Russia)

Management of Post Thrombotic Syndrome.
C. Köksoy (Turkey)

Endovenous Truncal Ablation.
S. Barlas (Turkey)

Knife, Fire and foam for the treatment of varicose veins.
R. Bishara (Turkey)


"Best practice in Lymphoedema"
Chairmen: C. Koksoy (Turkey) and R. Damstra (Netherlands)

Lymphoedema therapy in Germany and Egypt.
F. Schingale (Germany)

Lymphoedema treatment in the Netherlands.
R. Damstra (Netherlands)

Lymphoedema therapy in Turkey.
Y. Akcali (Turkey)

Lymphoedema therapy in Italy.
G. Mosti (Italy)

Lymphoedema therapy in Hungary.
G. Szolnoky (Hungary)


International brainstorming
Chairmen: G. Szolnoky (Hungary), G. Mosti (Italy) and P. Mortimer (United Kingdom)

  • Which trials do we need in the future to optimize compression therapy in chronic oedema?
  • Ideas for innovative compression products.