8th International Circ Meeting




8th International CIRC Meeting

October 22
Schloss Maretsch
Bozen / Southern Tyrol / Italy



Uwe Meyer


New developments of compression therapy for leg ulcers and lymphedema

Compression therapy in leg ulcer healing

Ulcer legs in Southern Tyrol: 
Juliane Ebner, H. Ebner, I

Controversial aspects concerning practical compression therapy for leg ulcers: Stockings or bandages? 
E. Rabe, D

New tools for leg ulcer treatment: 
Sue Elvin, UK

Efficacy of Velcro band devices in venous and in mixed, arterial-venous patients: 
Th. Noppeney, D

Experiences with Velcro devices around the world: 
Maria Nothaft, D & Els Brouwer, NL

Coffee break

Compression therapy in lymphedema

Swollen legs in Southern Tyrol: 
C. Pinzetta, I

Some international experiences with compression for lymphedema: 
F. Schingale, D

Complex decongestion therapy (CDT): Compression is the deciding component: 
Nele Devoogdt, B

Compression for lymphedema:  Proof of efficacy: 
A.Cavezzi, I

Velcro band devices or conventional bandaging?  Pro and contra: 
R. Damstra, NL

Self application of Velcro band devices: 
H. Partsch, A