3rd International CIRC Meeting

3rd International CIRC Meeting

September 14, 2011

Prague/Czech Republic

"Chronic oedema"


"How frequently do we need to change compression devices?"

A trival question?
H. Partsch (Austria)

Pressure drop under stockings and inelastic bandages.
Reduction of leg volume by stockings and inelastic bandages.
G. Mosti (Italy)


Round table: How often do I change my compression system?

After ablation of varicose veins.
A. Cavezzi (Italy)

In venous leg ulcers.
N. Morrison (USA)

After bypass procedures.
C. Wittens (Netherlands)

In lymphoedema management.
F.J. Schingale (Germany)

After liposuction.
R. Damstra (Netherlands)

In symptomatic venous patients (C3-CF).
J.P. Benigni (France)



  • Frequent change - Safety feature or unwanted necessity?
  • Less frequent change - New products?


Hermann Meyer