What about CIRC?


CIRC is the abbreviation for "Center of Interdisciplinary Research on Compression".

Up to now, compression devices for medical purposes offered by the industry were adjusted to the demands of clinicians, which were mainly based on experience and only rarely endorsed by science.

A scientific approach in analogy to the development of a new drug should contain the following considerations:

  • Pathophysiology of clinical disorders that may be improved by external compression.

  • Main mechanisms of action of compression on this pathophysiology.
  • Experimental "dose-finding" concerning pressure and elastic properties of compression products on different pathophysical characteristics of the disorder.
  • Design and production of adequate compression devices tailored to these specific requirements.
  • Clinical trials comparing such products with conventional devices (usual products or no compression).

 The main intention of CIRC is to bring experts together who are able and willing to contribute to this process.

This may be achieved by creating or promoting existing working groups for each of the listed areas and to build a platform on which  ideas of the experts can be exchanged.