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13th CIRC Meeting

 Compression Therapy

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CIRC Webinar
December 11th, 2021

14.00-16.40 CET (Central Europe Time)

Final Program

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12th CIRC Meeting

Perspectives of Compression
Treatment in Phlebolymphology


CIRC Webinar

December 5th, 2020


1st session Chairmen A.Cavezzi, H. Partsch

Introduction     A. Cavezzi and U. Meyer
Post-varicose vein treatment compression in China

Compression in inflammatory diseases     
E. Rabe
Compression in acute DVT and postthrombotic 
syndrome: updated recommendations                
T. Urbanek

2nd session Chairmen G. Mosti, E.Rabe


Compression in leg ulcers and diabetes     

G. Mosti
Safety of medical compression stockings in patients

with diabetes mellitus or peripheral arterial disease     

A. Erhardt
Bioimpedance assessment of compression in 


A. Cavezzi
Compression therapy risks and contraindications     

N. Morrison

Closure remarks

Lu Qingsheng

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11th CIRC Meeting

Bologna, Italy
October 25-26, 2019
Hotel I Portici Bologna 

Compression and Inflammation

Pressure measurements under Velcro devices:
The needs of the future and current available study data
Els Brouwer (The Netherlands) & Attilio Cavezzi (Italy)

Hugo Partsch (Austria) & Uwe Meyer (Germany)

CIRC and the “new” translational and epigenetic medicine
Attilio Cavezzi (Italy)

Venolymphatic diseases and inflammation
Ferdinando Mannello (Italy)

Compression stockings influence inflammatory biomarkers:
outcomes of a standing stress test
Christopher Lattimer (UK)

Leg lipodermatosclerosis tissue changes with and without stockings: results
from a clinical trial
Marina Berezko (Russia) 


Compression in post-varices treatment inflammation
Giovanni Mosti (Italy)

Superficial vein thrombophlebitis and compression
Jean-Patrick Benigni (France)

Post-sclerotherapy inflammation: what’s the influence of
Eduardo DaMatta (Brazil)


Anti-inflammatory action of sport stockings
Freddy Brown (UK)

Compression with adjustable velcro wraps in the inflammatory state of
venous ulcer: rationale and personal data
Marcelo Liberato (Brazil)

Leg venous symptoms and inflammation: role of compression
Enric Roche (Spain)


Is compression improving vein symptoms through inflammation regulation?
Igor Zolotukhin (Russia)

Compression in inflammatory complications of lymphedema
Franz-Josef Schingale (Germany)

Inflammation/Edema in diabetic foot: a possible target for compression
Alberto Piaggesi (Italy)

Influence of compression in reducing inflammation in PTS
Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)


Deep vein thrombosis and inflammation, microcirculation, influence of
Takashi Yamaki (Japan)

Compression stockings in post-sclerotherapy inflammation
Stefan Guggenbichler (Germany)

Inflammation in Lipedema
Gyozo Szolnoky (Hungary)

Compression therapy in post-trauma inflammation and edema
Sergio Gianesini (Italy)



10th CIRC Meeting

October 13, 2018


Meliá Calviá Beach Hotel
Carrer Violeta, 1
07181 Andratx, Illes Balears

9th CIRC Meeting

October 21, 2017
Chiemsee, Golf Resort Achental




Sport and Compression

How does compression really work ?
F. Pannier, Germany

Sport and compression – Improvement of
performance or faster recovering phase?
G.Willscheid, Switzerland

Can compression textiles improve
proprioreeptive performance - does this
prevent injury?
S. Edtinger, Austria

Compression for sport versus compression
for phlebology: mutuality and diff erences.
E. Rabe, Germany

Patient-orientated management
Compression stockings


Status quo regarding compression therapy
in Germany and current evidence
Ch. Schwahn-Schreiber, Germany

Patient-oriented compression therapy –
stockings must be easy to don-and-doff 
C. Buset, K. Sippel, C. Luder, J. Hafner

More than 90% of stocking prescriptions in
Germany are class II stockings. Indications
for class I?
E. Rabe, Germany

Indications for class III-IV ?
K. Kröger, Germany


Self management of leg ulcers?
J. Dissemond, Germany

High pressure in leg ulcers: where?
G. Mosti, Italy

Compression in pregnancy
E. Mendoza, Germany

Flat-knitted stockings in lymphedema
F. Schingale, Germany

Current status of surgery in Lymphology
C. Hadamitzky, Germany


Compression after vein procedures

Evidence based Compression after varicose
vein procedures
A. Cavezzi, Italy

Medical compression stockings after
foam sclerotherapy: How I do it
Th. Noppeney, Germany
B. Partsch, Austria

Features compression after open and
endovascular operation in vascular
S. Sapelkin, Russia

Impact of Class I Compression Stockings on
Cross-Sectional Area of Calf Deep Veins and
Great Saphenous Vein in Healthy Subjects
I. Zolotukhin, Russia


International Case Reports


E. Da Matta, Brazil
K. Buxey, UK
A. Obermayer, Austria
A. Jovic, Croatia
D. Lishov, Russia
L.R. Álvarez Rodríguez, Spain
E. Conde Montero, Spain
P. Samek, Slovakia






All other past activities of CIRC.

  • 1st International CIRC Meeting (October 13-14, 2010 in Istanbul/Turkey)
  • 2nd International CIRC Meeting (November 18-19, 2010 in Vienna/Austria)
  • 3rd International CIRC Meeting (October 14, 2011 in Prague/Czech Republic)
  • 4th International CIRC Meeting (June 27, 2012 in Florence/Italy)
  • 5th International CIRC Meeting (Sept  in Boston/USA)
  • 6th International CIRC Meeting (May 12, 2014, Maastricht/Netherlands)
  • 7th International CIRC Meeting (June 11 , 2015, Melk/Austria)
  • 8th Inernational CIRC Meeting (October 22, 2016, Bozen/Italy)


1st International CIRC Meeting

From October 13-14, 2010 the first CIRC-Meeting has taken place in Istanbul/Turkey under the chairmanship of Prof. Hugo Partsch and Prof. Semih Barlas.

More than 100 participants from over 20 different countries joined this conference to exchange their experience and innovations in the field of venous and lymphatic diseases.
The scientific programme was devided into two parts.



2nd International CIRC Meeting

From 18th to 19th November 2010, the second International CIRC Meeting took place under the chairmanship of Prof. Hugo Partsch.

During this very interesting Meeting the participants founded the interdisciplinary and international working group "Sports and Compression".


3rd International CIRC Meeting
The primary goal of this 3rd CIRC Meeting was to exchange ideas concerning the management of  chronic oedema on an interdisciplinary basis.
Under the scientific chairmanship of Prof. Hugo Partsch, the opinion leaders and experts were sharing their experiences how frequently compression devices need to be replaced in chronic oedema.

In the lively discussion, Dr. Attilio Cavezzi presented his recommended compression system with struva stockings after ablation of varicose veins, Dr. Jean-Patrick Benigni his experiences in venous leg ulcers treatment and Prof. Cees Wittens after bypass procedures.
Finally, the lymphology specialists Dr. Franz Schingale and Dr. Robert Damstra reported about  their compression experience  in lymphoedema management as well as after liposuction.

At the end of the CIRC Meeting there was an international brainstorming about safety features, the frequency  of renewing  compression devices as well as requested new products and necessary clinical trials and studies.


4th International CIRC Meeting
Effects of Compression Therapy assessed by Bioimpedance

Welcome by Giovanni Mosti and Uwe Meyer

Partsch H (Austria):
Background: Compression reduces limb volume. Some open questions

Cavezzi A (Italy):
Experience with bioimpedance: known facts and hopes for the future.

Schingale F( Germany):
Problems with bioimpedance measurements

Gaw R. (Australia):
Modern technology. Advances and limitations.

Future bioimpedance studies to assess the efficacy of specific compression devices. (Study protocols)

5th International CIRC meeting
Self-management in chronic veno-lymphatic diseases

IUP World meeting in Boston
Tuesday, Sept. 10, 6:00-7:30 PM


Chairmen: P. Mortimer,  J. Caprini, U. Meyer

R. Damstra, NL: Self management of lymphoedema

L. Villavicencio, USA: Self management of leg ulcers

J. Caprini, USA: Self management after ulcer healing

G. Mosti, I: Self management after varicose vein interventions

F. Lurie, USA: Experiences with a new self-adjustable velcro device (Juxta Cure)

6th International CIRC meeting
Low pressure is better than no pressure

EVC 2014 in Maastricht

May 12, 2014

Moderators: G.Mosti, U.Meyer

Prevention of occupational oedema and Thromboprophylaxis
H. Partsch, Austria

Compression in venous oedema
G. Mosti, Italy

Compression in lymphoedema
R. Damstra, Netherlands

Compression in postreconstructive oedema
Van der Laan, Netherlands

Compression in cardiac oedema
V. Keeley, UK

Light compression stockings for venous oedema?
Proposals for an ICC study.
JP Benigni, France


7th International CIRC meeting
Self Management
June 11 , 2015, Melk/Austria

General aspects    
Self-management with elastic material (Compression hosiery, elastic bandages)
A. Cavezzi (I):    Indications and self-managemet with elastic compression
K. Ochalek (PL):    Self- management in arm-lymphoedema
Z. Navratilova (CZ)    Self-management in lymphedema of the lower extremities
K. Sippel (CH):    Donning aids for compression stockings
JP. Benigni (F):     How can compliance wearing compression hosiery be improved?
B. Eklöf (S)    New electronic help to improve compliance?
Self management with stiff material (Compression bandages and Velcro  band devices)
F. Schingale (D):    Self management in lymphedema of the lower extremities
E. Brouwer, A.Hendrickx (NL)    Circaid is a clever alternative
G. Mosti, A. Cavezzi (I):     Edema reduction using Juxtafit
H. Partsch (A):    Quality of self application of Juxtafit compared to application by
a bandaging expert    
Round table

1. Management with compression handled in different countries
2. Who applies compression on my patients? Stockings, bandages, Velcro-devices?

Moderators:          B. Eklöf (Sweden)

RUSSIA:                E. Shaydakov
UKRAINE:              L. Chernucka
SLOVAKIA:            P. Samek
CROATIA:             T. Sinozic
ITALY:                   G.Mosti
HUNGARY:            A. Szabo
GERMANY:            HJ. Hermanns
AUSTRIA:              B. Partsch

8th International CIRC meeting

October 22
Schloss Maretsch
Bozen / Southern Tyrol / Italy

New developments of compression therapy for leg ulcers and lymphedema
Compression therapy in leg ulcer healing

Ulcer legs in Southern Tyrol:
Juliane Ebner, H. Ebner, I

Controversial aspectsconcerning practical compression therapy for leg ulcers: Stockings or bandages?
E. Rabe, D

New tools for leg ulcer treatment:
Sue Elvin, UK

Efficacy of Velcro band devices in venous and in mixed, arterial-venous patients:
Th. Noppeney, D

Experiences with Velcro devices around the world:
Maria Nothaft, D & Els Brouwer, NL

Swollen legs in Southern Tyrol:
C. Pinzetta, I

Some international experiences with compression for lymphedema:
F. Schingale, D

Complex decongestion therapy (CDT): Compression is the deciding component:
Nele Devoogdt, B

Compression for lymphedema: Proof of efficacy:
A.Cavezzi, I

Velcro band devices or conventional bandaging? Pro and contra:
R. Damstra, NL

Self application of Velcro band devices:
H. Partsch, A