12th International CIRC Meeting

12th International CIRC Meeting

Perspectives of Compression
Treatment in Phlebolymphology


CIRC Webinar

December 5th, 2020


1st session Chairmen A.Cavezzi, H. Partsch

Introduction     A. Cavezzi and U. Meyer
Post-varicose vein treatment compression in China

Compression in inflammatory diseases     
E. Rabe
Compression in acute DVT and postthrombotic 
syndrome: updated recommendations                
T. Urbanek

2nd session Chairmen G. Mosti, E.Rabe


Compression in leg ulcers and diabetes     

G. Mosti
Safety of medical compression stockings in patients

with diabetes mellitus or peripheral arterial disease     

A. Erhardt
Bioimpedance assessment of compression in 


A. Cavezzi
Compression therapy risks and contraindications     

N. Morrison

Closure remarks

Lu Qingsheng


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