2nd International CIRC Meeting

2nd Internatinal CIRC Meeting

November 19, 2010
Vienna, Austria   

"Sports and Compression"   


Foundation of the interdisciplinary and international working group

Benefits from compression stockings in healthy sportsmen? - Literature review.
B. Partsch (Austria)

Sport traumatology and compression.
A.B. Imhoff (Germany)

Stockings have a positive effect on running performance.
W. Kemmler (Germany)

Perspectives of stockings in sports.
H. Lötzerrich (Germany)
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Commercially available stockings, what is the difference?
J. Bauer (Germany)

A new concept of increasing the calf muscle pump.
H. Partsch (Austria)

Experimental results.
G. Mosti (Italy)



  • Which trials do we need in sports medicine in the future?
  • Ideas for innovative compression products
  • Parameters to be measured
  • Material to be compared