11th International CIRC Meeting


Final program

Hugo Partsch (Austria) & Uwe Meyer (Germany)

CIRC and the “new” translational and epigenetic medicine
Attilio Cavezzi (Italy)

Venolymphatic diseases and inflammation
Ferdinando Mannello (Italy)

Compression stockings influence inflammatory biomarkers:
outcomes of a standing stress test
Christopher Lattimer (UK)

Leg lipodermatosclerosis tissue changes with and without stockings: results
from a clinical trial
Marina Berezko (Russia) 


Compression in post-varices treatment inflammation
Giovanni Mosti (Italy)

Superficial vein thrombophlebitis and compression
Jean-Patrick Benigni (France)

Post-sclerotherapy inflammation: what’s the influence of
Eduardo DaMatta (Brazil)


Anti-inflammatory action of sport stockings
Freddy Brown (UK)

Compression with adjustable velcro wraps in the inflammatory state of
venous ulcer: rationale and personal data
Marcelo Liberato (Brazil)

Leg venous symptoms and inflammation: role of compression
Enric Roche (Spain)


Is compression improving vein symptoms through inflammation regulation?
Igor Zolotukhin (Russia)

Compression in inflammatory complications of lymphedema
Franz-Josef Schingale (Germany)

Inflammation/Edema in diabetic foot: a possible target for compression
Alberto Piaggesi (Italy)

Influence of compression in reducing inflammation in PTS
Tomasz Urbanek (Poland)


Deep vein thrombosis and inflammation, microcirculation, influence of
Takashi Yamaki (Japan)

Compression stockings in post-sclerotherapy inflammation
Stefan Guggenbichler (Germany)

Inflammation in Lipedema
Gyozo Szolnoky (Hungary)

Compression therapy in post-trauma inflammation and edema
Sergio Gianesini (Italy)